Leadership Training

“A person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal.”

Equine Assisted Leadership Training will allow you to examine your personal leadership style and how this impacts on the people around you. How will this benefit you?

You will …

… discover your natural leadership position and how you can lead in the most effective way

… focus on what you are doing in the moment with a clear intent

 learn how to lead in a confident manner with clear and decisive communication

… improve your body language and understand how to react positively

… stay grounded in stressful situations and deal with conflict appropriately

… be honest in your communication and open in discussing your emotions

Our Teambuilding Workshops

A strong and integrated team is an asset to every project. This course will have both immediate and long term benefits for every team member, leading to increased efficiency.

Why horses

In terms of their interaction with humans, horses respond to what they are experiencing at any given moment, honestly, directly and without judgement.

Our Team

Meet your course leaders, learn about how their backgrounds and experience that have inspired their passion for Equine Assisted Training.

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