Our Team

The team brings their experience from a broad spectrum of industries to give all our participants a new positive future. We have all completed the internationally recognized HorseDream Partner Licence Workshops and are members of EAHAE. We´re training in English, German and Portuguese.

Sarah Wellband

Spent the majority of her career as an independent mortgage broker and financial advisor in London and Dublin. As a top performing sales manager and team leader she has a good understanding of the importance of team work and clear communication. Sarah was an industry spokesperson and wrote for the Irish Times, The Sunday Times (Ireland) as well as being the technical advisor on two consumer television series. Since moving to Portugal in 2007, Sarah has rediscovered her passion for horses and is committed to providing a natural environment for all her animals.

Maike Kühl

Is from Germany, where she was an account manager and team leader for more than 15 years working experience in advertising companies, running teams often of more than 35 team members for international brands such as SEAT, IKEA, NIVEA, Master Card and Greenpeace.
Having grown up on the country side, horses have been her big love.
Now, an Equine Assisted Facilitator, her passion is to share and put into practice  how to lead a team in a confident and effective manner from both her own experiences and what she has learned from handling horses.

She speaks German and English and is trying hard to learn Portuguese.

James Chapman

Is an independent Agile Transformation Coach, Scrum Master, and Product Owner.  When he is not running Equine Assisted Leadership and Team Building courses here in central Portugal, he is helping companies to convert business need into valuable software quickly, flexibly, and predictably. He works with companies across Europe and specializes in scaling Agile, DevOps and Portfolio Management.

Our Teambuilding Workshops

A strong and integrated team is an asset to every project. This course will have both immediate and long term benefits for every team member, leading to increased efficiency.

Why horses

In terms of their interaction with humans, horses respond to what they are experiencing at any given moment, honestly, directly and without judgement.

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