The Herd

Our horses – your course trainers – are a settled herd with ages ranging from eight to 22. They live out 365 days a year, as they would do in the wild, and roam over the tracks which cover our 2.2 hectares of land. This gives them the physical and mental freedom to relax and simply be horses. Apart from familiarising them with the equipment we use during a course they are not trained for the course exercises so the feedback they give is natural and genuine.


A Welsh section D cob with a strong character. He really enjoys meeting new people and gives very clear and immediate feedback.


A handsome Lusitano stallion who loves getting involved with all the exercises. He demands attention and gives 100% to his handlers.


A Hannoverian who’s size is matched by his gentle manner and willingness to please. And a real confidence giver.


A pure Lusitano. He is friendly, quiet and inquisitive – a real charmer. He and Troy are best friends and really enjoy playing together.


A sweet and affectionate Lusitano. He is fine boned, agile and sensitive to the atmosphere around him. His feedback is completely unambiguous.


A Lusitano cross (and Speedy’s constant companion) with lots of energy. He loves being around people and is very trusting.


An Arab/TB crossed gelding with a sweet temperate and a very pretty face. He is gentle, responsive and calm.


A Lusitano/Arab cross.  Loved by small children he’s inquisitive and enjoys working in the school as part of a team.


A Portuguese sport horse. Our youngest horse, very curious and eager to connect with participants. He is also called Sweet Wiliam.

The Team

Meet your course leaders, learn about how their backgrounds and experience that have inspired their passion for Equine Assisted Training.

Our Teambuilding Workshops

A strong and integrated team is an asset to every project. This course will have both immediate and long term benefits for every team member.

Why horses

In terms of their interaction with humans, horses respond to what they are experiencing at any given moment, honestly, directly and without judgement.

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