O Vale dos Cavalos inCentral Portugal

Central Portugal is a wonderful area to visit, completely unlike the southern costal resorts of the Algarve. The countryside is glorious, with gentle hills, calm lakes and many riverside beaches. There are a variety of restaurants, ranging from small local cafes where you can enjoy a 3 course lunch for under €10 to elegant fine dining overlooking the stunning Castelo do Bode reservoir.  For sight-seeing the historically important cities of Tomar, Obidos and Coimbra are close by and well worth visiting. This is a place where you can truly forget the pressures of everyday life. If you would like to combine a training course with an extended stay we would be happy to share our knowledge of the area with you.

We have lived in this rural paradise for eight years and have transformed our quinta (small farm) from an overgrown jungle to a horse haven with a Paddock Paradise track system extending to over two kilometres. On this our horses live as close as possible to a natural habitat; they forage for food, move constantly over a variety of terrains and seek out natural shelter from the sun or rain under the massive cork oak trees. As a result they are fit, relaxed, healthy and a pleasure to be around.  We also have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and Vietnamese pot bellied pigs!

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