Open Days 2017

16th/ 23rd/ 3oth September 2017

Equine Assisted Training Portugal are delighted to announce a series of free open days in September 2017 to introduce you to teambuilding and leadership training with horses. Enjoy a day in the beautiful countryside and discover how our team of horses can increase the success of your team!

Unlike traditional training, coaching with horses works on an instinctive, human basis and allows you to discover your natural leadership position and how you can lead in the most effective way. Through a series of exercises and group discussions you will achieve a real understanding of the importance of honest communication and how a small change can make a huge impact on both business and personal relationships. Equine Assisted Training brings teams together in a safe environment to better understand the communication style of the team members, how they are perceived by others and how they see themselves.

This course does not involve riding and is not about horsemanship, but is all about understanding yourself at a much deeper level, stripping away the layers of sophistication and modern methods of superficial communication and learning to be “in the moment”. The results can be dramatic.

Equine Assisted Training Portugal are qualified members of the European Association of Equine Assisted Education (EAHAE) and licensed horse dream partners.

The free courses take place near the beautiful city of Tomar, just 90 minutes from Lisbon and two hours from Porto. Course dates are the 16th, 23rd and 30th of September; there are both morning and afternoon sessions so you can join up for a half day or a full day.


“At the end of the day I felt I had gained a better understanding of myself, my role, my communication skills and how I interact with others.”

“I felt myself go on a roller coaster of emotions, old fears coming up followed by renewed and stronger confidence in myself as a result of accepting those emotions within me.”

“The horses and our hosts touched our hearts and heads and we left having learned new things about ourselves and each other. I truly believe that there is not one person out there who wouldn’t benefit from time.”

“With the help of horses I learned that when I’m not able to say clearly what I want, the horse will react differently then I wanted or even will not do one step forward, the perfect mirror for my daily life.”

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Our Leadership Training

Equine Assisted Leadership Training will examine your personal leadership style and how this impacts on the people around you, resulting in enhanced self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

Why horses

In terms of their interaction with humans, horses respond to what they are experiencing at any given moment, honestly, directly and without judgement.

Our Team

Meet your course leaders, learn about how their backgrounds and experience that have inspired their passion for Equine Assisted Training.

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